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Welcome Smart Network Data Services
Deliverability to is based on your reputation. The Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) gives you the data you need to understand and improve your reputation at But just looking at the data isn't enough! Maintaining a good reputation is a lot of work. You should use this data to keep your mailing lists clean and to monitor the IPs you control for unusual behavior. Reputation is always the responsibility of the sender. SNDS gives senders access to detailed data about individual IPs, and it also includes our Junk Email Reporting Program, which lets you receive reports when users junk your messages. Now you can view IP data and manage feedback loop settings from one convenient website.

Getting started
To access SNDS, please log in with a Microsoft Account and then request access to the IPs for which you are responsible. You'll be taken through a simple authorization process, and then you'll soon have access to a wealth of information about those IPs.

Help! I have a problem sending mail to
Building & maintaining good reputation is a long-term proposition. The data on this site can help you do that, but if you have an urgent deliverability issue please have the person most familiar with the issue and your email infrastructure contact sender support.

Other Benefits
SNDS is useful for far more than just monitoring email reputation. It can help IP owners to detect compromised servers, malware, viruses, and botnets. We help network administrators detect these problems so that they can clean them up and make the internet a safer place.